Home » No Man's Sky How To Min Max Your Character – Best Upgrades & Adjacency Bonuses Explained | dps mms case | Yeni güncellenen iyi müzik

No Man's Sky How To Min Max Your Character – Best Upgrades & Adjacency Bonuses Explained | dps mms case | Yeni güncellenen iyi müzik

by Philip Lamp

No Man's Sky How To Min Max Your Character – Best Upgrades & Adjacency Bonuses Explained | Web sitesi en iyi şarkıları sağlar

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Konu ile ilgili görseller No Man's Sky How To Min Max Your Character – Best Upgrades & Adjacency Bonuses Explained

No Man's Sky How To Min Max Your Character  - Best Upgrades & Adjacency Bonuses Explained

No Man's Sky How To Min Max Your Character – Best Upgrades & Adjacency Bonuses Explained

Konu ile ilgili bilgiler dps mms case

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KhrazeGaming 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM Reply
SlushyBoxx 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

Cool, You explained it so well.

Brett W 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

I’m 100 hours in and just realized this. FML.

Chief Vizier 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

Okay. Brand new. This was so helpful. I did this with the infra knife attachment. It melts ships now. Ty

walenbe 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

helped a lot thanks

samghost13 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

On my Ship i used all the Bobble Heads and it worked. Now i got all the Bonus Stats from them

Saskidan 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

Thank you, I had no idea! Liked and subbed

Samuel (The Pride of Africa) Robinson 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

I really enjoy NMS and it's one of the main space games that I have in my repertoire that I play consistently. But that doesn't mean that it's flawless and I'm starting to think that I'm honestly the only person who thinks that everything about the game structure and how it goes about letting you construct the tools you use is really convoluted and overly complicated because no one else ever seems to bring these things up when they talk about it.

Everything that NMS tries to do is done better and is far more streamlined in Elite: Dangerous. Of course in Elite there's no base building, but aside from that everything from the way the map morks, to navigation between locations in the galaxy, to how you min/max a ship, to how you manage your fleet carrier and even finding the ship that you want is so much easier and it doesn't lack for depth because of its ease-of-use. It's just a far less frustrating to do things. The entire upgrade system for No Man's is far more complicated then it really needs to be and requires far too much studying to get a grasp on how it all works. In Elite you just grind to unlock the engineers who specialize in the you want to upgrade and as long as you grind out the materials, you have full control over how your modules are rebuilt. Nothing's random, there's no hunting involved, and you know exactly what you're going to get every time you go to see the engineer. And it doesn't take 10 spaces in your ship's inventory to upgrade the part. It's just the single space for the single component and all of the upgrades and experimental effects that you add.

Like I said, I like no man's sky, but I wish that it didn't feel like it was a AAA single player title that was designed on the bones of a free-to-play model.

paracosm 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

This was more helpful than I thought.

Russell Fautheree 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

Here's another freebie: buying upgrades for the Scanner on your Multi-Tool can increase the units you get for flora and fauna scans drastically. If you already like scanning animals when you're exploring planets, this makes you lots of easy money. Adjacency bonuses may increase scan range or rewards further, but I'm not certain.

Abdulla altayee 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

you are my legend

theniceguy27 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

is there any way to see how much of a bonus is being applied for the jetpack? we get stats showing for the multi-tool and hyperdrive but not the jetpack?

Superkiwi 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

Thanks a lot Khraze, this is very helpful!

King Masterlord 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

also the upgrades from the space anomaly don't overload your technology the same way the purchased upgrades from the space stations do

troncrash7 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

This will aid me nicely in my quest to have the perfect combat hauler

Aaron Steinmetz 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

Thank you

Mary Hinge 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

Good video pal, pretty sure you can add 1 or 2 of those mystery upgrades too. I can't remember what they're called. It's a bit of a hit and miss though.

Oh Kev 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

Awesome 💪🏽🤙🏽

hippyskinny 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

Thank you so much for this video! Subscribed 👍

Auden Wang 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

best guide ever!

Flutter Butter 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

what do I do if one of my modules has higher stats than the others but is a lower letter?

Caspian Wallace 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

This is good to watch while the neighbor is coughing up a lung at 2 am essentially right next to me

Korey Orcutt 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

Lol I have over 120 hours on this game and didn't know that… Thank you!

KillZone7911 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

glad i stumbled onto this one didnt have a clue this was a thing lol

Control SixtyFour 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

I'm glad I watched this! I thought I had it figured out 😉
the extra 3 modules in the other section is a game changer!

Copperbones 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

I was playing the game all wrong this whole time and you helped me. This video is awesome!

Sean May 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

Minmaxing means minimising one statistic in order to maximise another statistic. What you're doing is simply maximising, not minmaxing.

Hue Chang 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

A literal lifesaver

David Nowlin 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

super helpful. thanks!

The Mighty Ed 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

This video is very helpful.

justan-Eli 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

Wait do you do the assassin's creed videos? Under a different channel name?

Alexandre - 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

Very nice explainations and video! Thanks a lot!

Space Vaporeon AMVs 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

try min maxing a living ship so fun

Steven Robinson 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

Thank you so much for this! Super helpful

Viehdieb 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

oh my god breathe

Joe G.P. 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

you talk so much for someone who says so little

OKULTRA 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

I find this very confusing

Cup o Dirt 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

Godlike. Never knew about the square trick but in theory it works phenomenal.

808blacktaro 24/06/2022 - 3:14 PM

Why does it take 12 minutes to explain this


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